Through interviews, stories and practical principles, Dr. Keith Eigel and Dr. Sara Musgrove use the work of their careers
to move you past inevitable points of stuckness and help you take productive steps on your journey of growth.
Honor your sense that you have more to offer by joining Drs. Eigel and Musgrove and their guests.

Dr. Keith Eigel

Husband, father, friend, grown-up grower, project doer, golfer, wake-surfer, and hopefully in that order, by God.

Dr. Sara Musgrove

Teacher, learner, wife, step-mom, dog-mom, friend, dancer, traveler, improver, helper, believer.


Episode 38: Understanding Emotional Intelligence
with Kedren Crosby

Emotions are information that help us learn something about ourselves – what is going on inside of us, and what we feel really matters. ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is thrown around a lot but few people know what it means or why it really matters in the workplace.

Episode 37: The Hard Work of Equity & Belonging
with Duane Reynolds

Join Sara as she sits down with Duane Reynolds to dig into what it looks like to find your passion, develop your voice and be part of conversations that matter, make a difference in the community, and ultimately, promote inclusion and love of all humanity.

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