Through interviews, stories and practical principles, Dr. Keith Eigel and Dr. Sara Musgrove use the work of their careers
to move you past inevitable points of stuckness and help you take productive steps on your journey of growth.
Honor your sense that you have more to offer by joining Drs. Eigel and Musgrove and their guests.

Dr. Keith Eigel

Husband, father, friend, grown-up grower, project doer, golfer, wake-surfer, and hopefully in that order, by God.

Dr. Sara Musgrove

Teacher, learner, wife, step-mom, dog-mom, friend, dancer, traveler, improver, helper, believer.


Episode 32: Finding Your Center of Gravity
with Dr. Nancy Popp

In this episode, Dr. Nancy Popp goes deep on vertical development based on her 35+ years of studying and assessing where people are on the journey. She is one of the foremost experts on the subject-object interview method, which is how we assess Leader Levels.  

Episode 31: The Evolving Self
with Dr. Robert Kegan

In this episode, Dr. Robert Kegan shares wisdom and personal stories drawn from his more than forty years of research and writing on adult development. From caterpillars to poker to faith, Robert addresses the gift of our potential to grow, and ultimately our endeavor not to die.

Episode 30: Success Mindsets
with Dr. Ryan Gottfredson

You've no doubt asked the question (or at least thought about it!) - what do leaders need to do to be effective?  The thing is, leadership isn't just about doing the right thing, it's also being someone people want to follow. So how do we successfully tap into the 'being' side of leadership?  

Episode 29: Work-Life Balance
with Dr. Julie Wayne

When it comes to work-life balance - do you think of ‘balance’ as a noun or a verb?

 In this episode, our guest, Dr. Julie Wayne shares wisdom on what a healthy work-life balance looks like, and offers practical ways to actually achieve it.

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