Growing As Grown-Ups explores how leaders unlock the often elusive ability to keep growing,
so we each realize more of what we have to offer and make the bigger difference we intend.
Each of us has the opportunity —but not the certainty— to keep growing in our effectiveness, to expand the difference we make,
to sculpt a positive legacy. But all of us experience points of stuckness in our pursuit of that growth.
Through interviews, stories and practical principles, Dr. Keith Eigel and Dr. Sara Musgrove use the work of their careers
to move you past inevitable points of stuckness and help you take productive steps on your journey of growth.
Honor your sense that you have more to offer by joining Drs. Eigel and Musgrove and their guests.

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Dr. Keith Eigel

Husband, father, friend, grown-up grower, project doer, golfer, wake-surfer, and hopefully in that order, by God.

Dr. Sara Musgrove

Teacher, learner, wife, step-mom, dog-mom, friend, dancer, traveler, improver, helper, believer.


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Episode 24: Fuel for Growth: Personality
with Keith & Sara

In this episode, Keith & Sara pick up where we left off with Dr. John Golden to dig deeper into understanding our own personality and explore utilizing personality assessments can fuel our growth.   Keith & Sara have been helping people become better versions of themselves for over 50 years (combined) and have found the impact of understanding both how you are like other people and how you are different to be a powerful element of continued growth.

Episode 23: Understanding Personality
with Dr. John Golden

Have you ever wondered why you did something? Or why someone else is the way they are? Does your personality change as you grow? These are all questions we discuss with this week’s guest, Dr. John Golden. If you have had any interaction with The Leaders Lyceum and have taken the Golden Personality Profiler – John is the man behind it! Hear his take on personality and the role it plays in our growth.

Episode 22: Defy Drift
with Todd Sandel

If we are not careful, we can easily become victims of drift- the unintentional disconnect between who you are and how you live. Many leaders find themselves sacrificing physical and relational health in order to achieve the highest levels of professional success, waking up one day to realize that this is not who they want to be. In today’s episode, executive coach and marriage and family therapist, Todd Sandel, joins us to share how to defy drift.

Episode 21: Innovating Yourself
with Dr. Sara Musgrove

We continue the conversation from the last episode as Dr. Keith Eigel interviews our own Dr. Sara Musgrove about all of the ways innovation can inform best practices. From remembering to keep people at the forefront to being willing to experiment different ways of doing or being, Sara shares her journey of uncovering these powerful mindsets of innovation and applying them to leader development.

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Your Path to Effectiveness in
Leadership, Life, and Legacy

Great leaders have a measurably different level of developmental maturity that explains their effectiveness. In The Map, Keith and Karl spell out that measurable journey in ways we can all understand. They shed light on why we often feel stuck, and give us the tools to grow on purpose to a place of greater effectiveness in leadership, life, and legacy.

If you are interested in growing yourself to make the contribution only you can make, this book is written for you. If you are leading and growing next generation leaders, The Map will provide you a new set of tools and a new understanding for growing those you care about leading well.

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