Just because you’re a grown-up, it doesn’t mean you’re done growing. We want to demystify the ways we keep growing as grown-ups by sharing with you what both science and experience has taught us.

Through interviews, stories and practical principles, Drs. Keith Eigel and Sara Musgrove use the work of their careers to move you past inevitable points of stuckness and help you take productive steps on your journey of growth.

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Your Path to Effectiveness in
Leadership, Life, and Legacy

Great leaders have a measurably different level of developmental maturity that explains their effectiveness. In The Map, Keith Eigel and Karl Kuhnert spell out this measurable journey in ways we can all understand. They shed light on why we often feel stuck, and give us the tools to grow on purpose to a place of greater effectiveness in leadership, life, and legacy.

If you are interested in growing yourself to make the contribution only you can make, this book is written for you. If you are leading and growing next generation leaders, The Map will provide you a new set of tools and a new understanding for growing those you care about leading well.

Allow us to join you on your journey of accelerated growth!

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