You were born to make a difference.
We are here to help.

Just because you’re a grown-up, it doesn’t mean you’re done growing.

Each of us has the opportunity —but not the certainty— to keep growing in our effectiveness, to expand the difference we make, to sculpt a positive legacy. But all of us experience points of stuckness in our pursuit of that growth. Growing As Grown-Ups explores how leaders unlock the often elusive ability to keep growing, so we each realize more of what we have to offer and make the bigger difference we intend.  

We demystify the ways we keep growing as grown-ups by sharing with you what both science and experience has taught us.
Through online classes, facilitated trainings, and personalized coaching, our goal is to make best-in-class resources accessible and available to help grown-ups keep growing.

The Growing as Grown-Ups Podcast

Through interviews, stories and practical principles, Drs. Keith Eigel and Sara Musgrove use the work of their careers to move you past inevitable points of stuckness and help you take productive steps on your journey of growth.




Online Courses

We all want our lives to matter, but too often we find ourselves frustrated with our inability to overcome challenges, longing to do more with our lives, feeling like everyone else has it figured out, and wishing we had access to the resources that highly-paid executives do.

Our online courses offer the best practices of executive coaching to those without executive budgets. We bring over 50 years of combined experience helping thousands of leaders like you experience transformational growth at and accelerated pace. These courses are the next iteration in our desire to help all grown-ups keep growing.


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