Listening to Lead

Become a better LEADER by becoming a better LISTENER

Stay curious,
not defensive

Find points of commonality

Increase your influence

This 5-lesson mini-course will teach you the mindsets and behaviors to productively engage in difficult conversations in all areas of life.


Leading and having influence would be so much easier if people just understood us and followed our advice, right? Yet one of the most beautiful and challenging aspects of our world is that people bring different perspectives to the table. These differences make us more complete, but they also can lead to conflict. Do you ever struggle to have productive conversations in these settings:

•Making difficult decisions?
•Getting others onboard with a change?
•Resolving a disagreement with a family member or close friend?
•Connecting with someone with a different core beliefs (like religion or politics)

The most effective leaders know they must start by meeting others where THEY are. In order to do that, you just be intentional about learning where the other is coming from. The absolute best way to do that is through active listening and what we call "putting yourself on the shelf." However,


When having a difficult conversation, our natural tendency is to say things like:

      "Let me explain myself."
      "You just don't understand."
      "You totally misunderstood me."
      "That's not right."
      "Well, you did something even worse."
      "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're right. Let's move on."

These responses will only shut down the other person and make sure they know it's not safe to share their perspective with you in the future.  The Listening to Lead course will teach you the mindsets and behaviors to equip you to engage in these valuable conversation. 

Become a better leader by becoming a better listener.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is designed for you to complete in one week–one lesson per day for 5 days. Each lesson is under 15 minutes. Some days have "homework" for you to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

Absolutely! Learning and practicing listening is so much easier (and fun!) when you do it alongside someone else. Listening, afterall, is a multi-person, activity. We'd love for you to invite others to join you. Each person will need to enroll in the course separately so they have their own account. If you have a group of 5 or more, reach out to us for a group discount code! 

Course Pricing

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$89 USD
  • Become a better LEADER by becoming a better LISTENER

    • 5 video lessons sharing best practices for effective listening
    • Step-by-step instruction on how to prepare and engage in active listening
    • Handouts to guide your work
    • A demonstration of the Self on the Shelf listening process
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