Challenge to Change-Team Experience Add-On

Additional resources to enhance the team experience

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Course Summary

One of the best ways to accelerate your growth is to do it alongside others. We'd love for you to gather a few people to go through the Challenge to Change course together. This set of resources will provide guidance and resources to help you facilitate these developmental conversations. Keith and Sara will share best practices in developmental relationships, and at least once a week we will provide discussion topics for your group.

Everyone going through the Challenge to Change course with you will need to enroll in the course to get access to the lessons, but only one person needs to purchase this add-on. Enrolling in the same week will ensure that all members of your group are on the same course release schedule.

This is an add-on to the Challenge to Change course, not a stand-alone product.

Course Pricing

  • Challenge to Change-Team Experience Add-On
  • $49 USD

    This is NOT a stand-alone course. This is additional resources to facilitate group discussion for the Challenge to Change course.

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  • Best practice guide for effective developmental relationships
  • Weekly instructions for group discussion